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Meet Naira Ambartsumyan

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Naira Ambartsumyan

Naira Ambartsumyan

Founder of LA Owl Group | Attorney* and Realtor®

At 8 years old, Naira came to America like most hopeful immigrants chasing the American dream. With only a small backpack to her name, Naira is truly the story of a girl who started from the bottom, and now she's here! 

Naira took a leap of faith and followed her passion in real estate after a brief legal career in family law. Naira received her Juris Doctor degree in two years from the southwestern law school-scale program. To excel in this rigorous program, one must be motivated, detail-oriented, and highly organized in order to meet the requirements of this fast-paced program that demands producing an excellent work product within strict time constraints. Prior to law school, Naira attended UCLA majoring in economics, and obtained her bachelor of science from CSUN in business management with a specialty degree in business law.

During her undergrad years, Naira worked as an executive assistant for the CEO of an international trading company. Her job required frequent travel to Switzerland for arbitrations, mediations, and other contract disputes.

Naira brings not only her mediation experience and negotiation skills but her legal knowledge to the table. For her clients, she goes above and beyond, dedicated and committed to excellence in providing the highest real estate service. 

Aside from her career, Naira is passionate about giving back to her community and helping others. When she's not hosting an open house, you'll find her at the local shelter helping with adoptions! Yes, she is a huge animal lover, as well as a mom to teenagers (help!). At home, Naira loves to cuddle with her Great Danes, Royale and Rose! She also adopted a Pomapoo named Princess, a cat named Loki, and a lizard named Pancake from the local shelters. Naira enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and is a big foodie! She loves cooking and entertaining at home, and knows all the yummy places to wine and dine. When you move into your new home, be sure to ask her where the best local restaurants are!


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