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L.A. Owl Group's Strong Close of the First Quarter of 2022


The first quarter of 2022 was considered successful after the team closed a total of $6.37M worth of properties. This was achieved because of the team's skills as real estate agents and how the team worked together to support each other, both professionally and morally. 

To celebrate this success, the women of L.A. Owl Group had a working lunch to discuss future plans, how to further maintain and improve the team's performance, and catch up with each other's lives.



Check out the team's compilation here!


We owe it to our clients for trusting us for all their real estate needs! We hope to reach out more people to close deals with and through L.A. Owl Group!

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We have positioned ourselves as the “go to” agent for first time home-buyers, and it’s all due to our tenacity, trustworthiness, and experience.