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New Constructions: L.A. Owl Group's New Offering

With our commitment to providing our clients the best properties available in the market, we now venture into marketing properties from some of the most premier locations around Los Angeles.

New constructions are units you can purchase ranging from $800,000 - $4,000,000 depending on size, finish, and number of bedrooms. The range of these properties depends on your budget and needs. Below are the samples of these properties you can purchase and own:



You are given the freedom to decorate this home. This one-bedroom unit gives you space to accommodate visitors with it's ample living space. A lot of storage is also offered for your convenience and funtionality.




Call your bestie as this unit is perfect for people who want roommates to share their expenses with! This two-bedroom unit gives both privacy, as you have your own room, and a shared space for socialization. With a terrace area for you to see the best views Los Angeles offers.



Your kids will love this three-bedroom unit that has a capacious living area that you can divide if you need a working station at home. Kids have a big space where they can play, watch their favorite shows, and chill during weekends!


These sample units are just few of the wide array of choices new constructions have for you! Inquire and own one of these!


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