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November 2022 Market Recap

The real estate market is dynamic. The change depends on how prices, trends, and chart movements. These changes affect prices and availability of the best properties there are in the market.

The unpredictable market may be projected based on historical data that transpired in the past years. These data may help buyers and sellers decide regarding their properties. 

These graphs will help you project price forecasts based on previous data.

Mortgages are less likely to decrease in the future. Interest rates will keep on increasing over time. This suggests that the current mortgage interest rates are the lowest ones compared to the projected rates in the future.

Housing Crisis of 2008


During this period, distressed houses dominated the market. These properties were sold at a quite unreasonable price. Since the crisis was ongoing, these properties were sold despite the mismatch of property value and selling price. As we recover, affordability of houses becomes more stable.

Data also shows that home sales for the first quarter of 2022 are lesser than the home sales compared to the same period of 2021. These indications suggest that since there are fewer buyers, chances are, the offers for homes which are currently listed may be decreased depending on factors such as repairs, renovations, and conditions of the home. 

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