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​Soaring in the Real Estate Industry: THE OWL, Our Firm's Strong Symbol

Owls are wonders of the Animal Kingdom! Here are what these nocturnals can do and why we chose them to symbolize our services:

Owls have very keen vision and hearing unmatched within all the birds. About 75% of an owl's brain is devoted in the senses of hearing and sight. Also, due to their physiological abilities, their necks give them a 270-degree view. a special tissue behind their retina allows more light to pass through which gives them a sight that allows them to see a mile away from where they are at night. This allows them to hunt with ease. Their wings also allow them to sneak to their prey for they can fly without making any audible sound.

These exact characteristic of owls anchor us, L.A. Owl Group, in our commitment in providing our clients with experience and services within all of their real estate needs. We make sure that we listen to what our clients want and at the same time, match it with what's feasible in the market. We also have a wider range of options as we partnered with Compass Beverly Hills, a platform that gives us access to exclusive homes in the market. Just like owls, we always use our keen senses and experiences in the industry to match clients' needs and wants and provide them the best options of properties. Our agents are trained to be give you a flawless experience in your home purchasing journey, just like an owl's flawless flight. We always remain loyal to our commitment of providing assistance and services to our buyers and seller!

Another Fun Fact: The Owl Hedwig in the Harry Potter Series was played by seven different owls throughout the entire saga!

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